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Reference Articles from Original TNFG site

Here you compare the two right back side emblems. Real one looks so much more authentic. Look at how the stitching of the emblem is done.

This Gore-Tex inside does not exist in any of their lines of jackets. And next you have a larger picture of the patch.

This is the fake front shell. As you can see it is poorly done. Authentic emblem from the North Face Mc Murdo jacket. North Face Summit Series jacket the Summit Series emblem is located on the LEFT arm instead of right. Gore-Tex XCR logo should be on the left arm.

According to my research, TNF never made a Summit Series Windstopper Gore-Tex fleece. Compare for yourself the real vs fake emblems.

Very poor stitchings on the inside of the shell layer. Don't be fooled by the cloth printing, it is very easy to make and fake. Fleece is made of shiny material. Not authentic Polartec, which TNF use for all their line of fleeces. And look at the poor quality of the buttons.

To the best of my knowledge TNF does not make these color fleeces. Look at the 'shine' level of this fake material. As you can see bootleg TNF products only come with this brochure. The paper quality is very very poor. I noticed a typo in the brochure. I never knew Paper was spelled 'pater'.

"You can try calling the North Face at 1-800-535-3331 or emailing them at tnf_consumerservices@vfc.com, but they aren't going to be able to tell you much without personally inspecting the jacket. What they will tell you is that the fake jackets appear to be authentic almost to a "T", but there are a few things that are different that they could not reveal (for obvious reasons). In my extensive research, the summit series patch SHOULD NOT be on the top right shoulder, and the GORE-TEX patch SHOULD NOT be on the lower left wrist. Also, the zipper head SHOULD NOT be on the left side."

What can I say about all this? If the shell + fleece would usually rack up $500 in Macy's or TNF store then how can you possibly expect to pay around $100 for both? It is like buying Louis Vuitton bags for $80 and expect them to be real, where in fact the genuine is ten times the cost.

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