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eBay IDReason
1303robertSelling fake item in lots now. Thread seen here
Added January 08, 2007
88shopforless88Sells fake Apex jackets
Added January 15, 2010
8linchikSold fake Denali but no longer registered user.
Added October 12, 2009
activesports2000Sells what are believed to be counterfiets as discussed here.
allmy4horsesSold a fake jacket and still refused to cooperate when a member pointed out this fact. Did not want to refund shipping cost, avoid this seller! Discussed here
allseasonwear91Per eBay user history, this is the new ID incarnation of activesports2000 (a.k.a. creativedesigns98)that was discussed here
Added August 20, 2007
atlantalacosteDiscussed in this thread still selling fake TNF
banks_2003Selling several fake Apex/windstoppers. There is no such thing. Discussed here.
Added March 05, 2008
basix15Sold documented fake on eBay. Discussed here.
Added December 27, 2007
bbronfeld39888Sold fake Denali jacket to member, very little feedback.
Added April 09, 2009
besmart111Versace sports jackets, yeah right! Discussed here
bigdeals365Continues to sell fakes. Very big red flag! here and here.Added Feb 10, 2007
billytatamiIs still currently selling fakes on Ebay UK. Thread discussed here
braxtoni069has listed and sold several fake TNF items on eBay. Discussed here and here.
Added March 19, 2008
brendas_deals4uDiscussed in several threads and shares bogus images with other blacklisted sellers (rockingdeals4u)
brownskinspaSelling some really low quality fakes on eBay. Discussed here.
Added December 11, 2007
buratti57Keeps selling fake Denali's on E-Bay. Discussed here added 10/15/2006
buyitt587Sells Metropolis Jacket in XXL size which was never produced by NF. Highly suspicious.
Added November 28, 2009
CAMISERA (CAMISERA-CLOTHING)Sells mostly fake "All-Terrain" as North Face HyVents. Seller discussed here
Added September 18, 2007
carpartsgtr-hongkongReceived an email from someone flagging this person. After further investigation, came to the conclusion that seller's listings were discussed here
cerbas1Already has a few neg. feedback regarding fakes. Uses stock photos and gives $5 kickback for a 'positive' feedback. Unfortunately buyers don't know that they've just been scammed.
Added December 23, 2008
ChinwingkwanchinwingkwanSells fake Denali fleeces.
Added October 06, 2009
clazzified1sells fake Denali jackets
Added February 15, 2010
coastaltradesDiscussed here and here. Suspected of at least one fake Apogee, and shill bidding.
coinbikercurrently selling hugo boss, firetrap, armani, ralph lauren. sold fake goretex summit series ,mcmurdo's for 59.99 buy it now, discussed here he also sold fake TNF gloves
colinwsaabSold the NF Hyvent all terrain jacket. Scam and also discussed here
craig-co-worldwideSold and continues (as of this writing) to sell several HIGHLY SUSPECT rare Limited Edition Nuptse Jackets. The chances of these items being authentic are EXTREMELY REMOTE. Seller has refused to provide additional pictures that might verify authenticity. Discussed here.
Added December 27, 2007
creativedesigns98This is the changed User id for Activesports2000 that was discussed here
dawsoncmSold quite a few fake TNF backpacks here and topic discussed on this thread
depingan6118hongAlthough records indicate this seller has made sales, no actual transactions have been reported to us by specific buyers. However, based on archived images from this sellers items, we are convinced the The North Face items offered for sale are more likely than not to be counterfeit. It should be carefully noted that while so far as I have seen, this seller is NOT advertising these items as The North Face items in print, clearly shown in the images are the registered trademark of The North Face.
Added September 06, 2008
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